The “Creative” Adventures of an American Boy Born in India at the end of the Raj Era

What Our Readers are Saying

It was absolutely fascinating. I had no idea that the children of a Baptist minister would enjoy such a privileged life! I envy his mother… She had a cook, a cleaner, a gardener & a watchman…[the author] is a wonderful story teller. J. Pike – Bridgeport CT

What an incredible account of growing up in India as seen through the prism of age and maturity. In addition to bringing Woodstock back to life again [the] story is very intimate and personal… [The] parting in Bombay brought tears. E. Friesen – Longmont CO

You….weave school history, family history and world history into a….fascinating account. Your wry humor and gentle philosophical awareness present the reader with a picture of love and joy in living. S. Stoddard – Lincoln NE

Wonderful book… [Farewell The Winterline] Has an historical value even beyond the sharing of memories… You have succeeded brilliantly in accurately imaging a wondrous time in the world. D. Pickett – Cosby TN

Stanley Brush’s heartwarming, evocative autobiography rich with humorous and, at times, poignant vignettes of growing up in Bengal, India.

Over 250 photos with captions, hand-drawn maps for geographic reference, plus many amusing graphics.
– 256 pages printed on acid free, archival paper for your heritage library.
– Black & white interior with full color, UV laminated cover.


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