Memoir Mementos

Memories of Home

Excerpts from a Longer Essay by Sylvia Staub To reach my childhood home, my dreams and memories must breach a distance of over 11,000 miles and a time span of several decades. The house still stands, I am told, but who owns it now I do not know and do not wish to...

A Big Shock

By Rev. Arthur Sanford Rev. Arthur Sanford and his wife, Nathalie, worked at the Kharagpur Baptist Mission in India from January 1947 to 1957. They arrived just before India's Independence to carry on work at the Union Phillips Memorial Church that my grandparents,...

Stanley Brush’s heartwarming, evocative autobiography rich with humorous and, at times, poignant vignettes of growing up in Bengal, India.

Over 250 photos with captions, hand-drawn maps for geographic reference, plus many amusing graphics.
– 256 pages printed on acid free, archival paper for your heritage library.
– Black & white interior with full color, UV laminated cover.


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